Photo credit: © Dominic Brunette, Cité du Havre, Montréal, July 12, 2009. Used with permission with our sincere thanks.

Yves Jasmin, Director of Information, Publicity and Public Relations strikes a dignified pose at the Expo Administration Building where he worked at.

Yves Jasmin worked on the third floor, near the end of the corner of this building that you see in this excellent photograph taken by Dominic Brunette.

Yves described the long work hours as a gruelling experience but his steadfast determination in getting "the word" out there about Expo 67 had astonishing results: over 50 million visitors came to the exposition. To make this figure happen, his span of control had 400 employees in his department. They were all very proud to have worked under him and to help make Expo 67 a success story.

In several conversations that I had with Yves, he wants everyone in Canada to know this: Never describe Expo 67 as "the Montréal World's fair" or to even describe it as a "fair." Expo 67 was a "Thematic" presentation (a fair is something like the New York World's fair which was not "Thematic." If you examine them closely, the distinctions are actually crystal clear.) When you refer to this Canadian event from 1967, the correct phraseologies to use are: "Expo 67", "world exposition," "exposition," or simply "expo." Hopefully this clears up a long-standing mistake commonly made by the media, historians and the general public.

John Whelan
Proprietor for the Expo 67 in Montréal website
July 23, 2009