The Automotive Stadium (or "Autostade" as referred to in French language) became a venue for the Montréal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League (CFL) from 1968 - 1971 and then from 1973 - 1976.

The venue was demolished shortly after the Alouettes moved to the Olympic Stadium.

Photo credit: from the Claude Latour collection with our sincere thanks.

A Brief History on the Automotive Stadium
by Claude Latour

  • Open in 1966 (before Expo 67);
  • Design by Victor Prus & Maurice Desnoyers Architects;
  • Was a dismountable stadium of officially 25,000 seats;
  • The construction cost was $3,300,000;
  • Sponsored by five member companies of the Motor Manufacturers Association of Canada;
  • It was the stadium for The Beavers football team of the Continental League;
  • It was the location of 6 major events during Expo 67;
  • It was supposed to be the home for the Montréal Expos Baseball team;
  • The stadium was also the home for the 57th Grey Cup in 1969;
  • The stadium have received some great rock music concerts like Pink-Floyd.